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Memoir – dAy oNe


Yes, I just did it …started with the IMPACT effect…you know why? beause we just did! Two (2) shows went down yesterday ….it was amazing, the cast stage energy and audience response was priceless..we can do this forever guys…it so cool, fulfilling and energizing..the feeling that we get an opportunity to IMPACT lives while having fun! I would not wish for anything else 🙂

So, we started from team warm up, crazy logistics, then the audience started arriving – before we knew the Theatre was full and the show had to go down – we got all sort of characters – funny doctors, strict momy, crazy teacher,stubborn bunch of students, talented lost and found kids, an amazing songs from the  sound of an 11 year old to adults …bringing down the stage with amazing songs coupled with live beats…the closing dance made the audience react uncontrollably , cool right?;-)…why so you might ask? Because it was a mad/amazing dance ….you surely wouldn’t have wanted to miss this and be a a part of this.

MOVE! Your time is now !


Random Moments: Get ready,set,stage…IMPACT!

Aki tuko hoi…lol…not really laughing out loud at the moment but am sure even the person that came up with the acronym LOL was laughing when he/she did. so yeah!!! LOL!!!

Today has been quite the day. From painting the stage sets, to props list finalizing to most intensive marketing (member of the cast fell sick-ish and we ended up giving out flyers to the doctor; I wonder what he thought when we walked and more lolsss. again, am actually to tired to laugh).

Among the highlights of the day was the whole crew ACTUALLY rehearsing at the national Museum for the first time today. The crew will be under going extensive rehearsals until Friday, Do pray for us, will you. And then once you are done praying, do come and buy tickets:D…for you, your loved ones, your enemies..oh and even your mothers in law…hihihihihihiii! mean joke. I know! I know! honestly tired to thinking straight; after a long day following the long night that was yesterday and being dragged across the NM(National Museum) stage during one of the UN-CHOREOGRAPHED dance routines by none other than Isaac(Luks), I think It is only fair that I log out and go to sleep!!!


okay! okay! okay! I know you want it so hear goes.

1, 2, 3…Say it with me now…IMPACT

The Musical goes to studio

Its no shut eye for some of the cast at from OAC. Its another all nighter in the studio as we record the songs for the play. Yea yea yea! I know you are wondering what am on about. Welllll, allll the songs that are going to be performed on stage are being…yes yes….drum rolls please…RECORDED!!! OH YES!!! RECORDED.

So all ya’ll coming to the show can take a bit of Move back home with you. CDs will be on sale for 5,000 Tsh for all…very affordable ain’t it…yea we know.hihihihiiii…

As Abella makes hardcore faces, Esther gasps every 2 seconds with her “siamini”, Deo stands there like a critical statue, Issac tries to keep his professional person, Mukiza keeps his “oh am so innocent a compiler” look and I type hoping am making sense, the producer sits at his “sound thingy”(…hihihiii…yea fine! I aint got no idea what its called OKAY!) putting together God’s magic…:D…

God is reigning in this project man. Some Holy Spirit up in here!!!

1, 2, 3….Say it with me now...IMPACT




Random Moments: Rehearsals Part 2

So am sitting here listening to the cast fighting about how and what to blog about .looooollll…tooo much happening that people cant figure out what to put down. So as a continuation to  my “azaming” first post, here I am with post number 2….hiihihihiiii… “snickering! snicker! snicker!”…Talk about hogging the lime light.

As am writing, here I go getting pushed to the side. and am like “ish!!!” Artists are so rough…okay so thats a bunch of nonsense.

So here we are, on the last week of rehearsals, panting to get the dance move, lines and stage placements. You might think “oh! how hard is it to get on stage and perform” but My oh my! It is something! and to be honest, this cast has been witnessing miracle after miracle after miracle…..wait a minute! did I mention…miracle?!!hihihihiiii

So as the cast witnesses Abella loosing her identity and picking between her friends; we cannot do anything but bend our heads and smile for we know that past allll the venting, there is a sleep over at the end of the day. Deep stuff huh!

Advertising is on prime here and we need all the help we can get. So if you are reading this now, please do be a dear and post the event somewhere, buy more than one ticket and be a living, breathing, advertisement for MOVE.

Guys, should you want to come to the rehearsal locations, you are welcome:)…Too much fun here…Karibu TU-MOVE-UZISHE SOTE…


Culture Shaping Moments: Clouds Fm Interview

Azaming…okay! I know…i KNOW! TyPo…Sooo here we go again; Amazing experience today…and this whole week actually. Rehearsals coupled with sweat and tears (not really) and muscles cramps, forgetting line all in attempt to IMPACT the amazing Tanzania that we reside in:)…

The making of move has/is becoming quite the character building exercise. With a cast brought together by none other than God alone; this production is set to get people to literally MOVE. From the boom boom shakalaka dances, to the “OMG :0” Script and “awwww, ohhhh and ahhhhh” music and songs; the audience are surely in for a treat.

In the studio with Harris and Abella on Cloud FM’s Temino this afternoon talking about the Youth’s contribution in the society and well as culture shaping, OAC took over the airwaves with snippets from the production as they spoke about how they plan and why they plan to play a part in building a bridge towards steering our nations into a positive tomorrow.

Soooo thats all from the team for now; be sure to keep logging on for more info…for now…PEACE OUT! (…

1, 2, 3 – (altogether now) IMPACT


Abella hosting the show


The Temino Show co-host Harris


Kellz preps her ‘Swahili’ notes


She actually made alot of sense 🙂


Esther breaking it down


Jackie lighting up the room


Quite excited I must say!


The team that represented OAC with their hosts

Random Moments: Rehearsals Part 1

luks having a moment


Peninah directing (girl doesnt joke!!)


Kellz asking Athens if she came all the way from Greece


Tahnya and Nyakio fascinated by the lense


Isabella and Nancy having their moments


Jacky aka Madam X wondering why she forgot her lines.. its all good!


Isaac the MC!! (enough said)


Jemimah memorizing her lines


Jemimah aka young Kim takes a break


The dancers pon di rooftop doing their thing


More dance




Peninah aka madam director


Thats all folks! .. for now, ie 🙂

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